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We are a community based ministry, building families in the inner city as well as the suburban. Our effort is to integrate class, gender, race, and the diverse culture; to be well-seasoned with the word of God, to engage our cities, and community by being salt and light.
From the city of Plainfield, Somerset County to the outskirts of Manhattan – New York,

“God has a word for you ”

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Faith moves mountains, Love transforms hearts

John Paul Warren

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A little change can bring forth great change.

Won’t you help us help those in need by supporting our missions.

Kenya Mission Trip 2017

WCOM International is planning on a mission trip to Kenya this December 2017. Outreach will entail, medical support for the locals and evangelism through christian education and outreach as well as working closely with abused women and children.

The Kenya Mission Trip was a mission erected with the purpose of reaching out to those less fortunate in Kenya. The goal is to impart hope through love in order to make a difference in someone’s life.

The purpose of this trip is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ while providing medical services and to  minister into the lives of women, men, youth and prisoners.

The purpose is to put feet on our faith, share the gospel, ministering through mind, body and soul through medical



WCOM International Office has been actively involved in missions both national (USA) and Africa continent in alleviating human suffering during disasters and other unavoidable catastrophe facing humanity.

Our humanitarian support was appreciated during Katrina hurricane in New Orleans, Water drilling support in Darfor, Sudan, Rwanda resettlement and Kenya’s post election war (IDPs) — in this case our sister church received over 600 internal refugees during the fighting.

Thanks to the Red Cross who came for our rescue. Thanks to the Doctors without borders for responding to our call for the wounded in Kibera where dozens of children were treated.



Our WCOM churches in Kenya have raised the awareness of HIV/AIDS orphans. In this project the local pastors have engaged in locating these children in the villages and coordinating care for them. They also locate the local authorities to make sure that they are not abused by adults and rendered victims like their parents.


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Somerset Miracle Center

“Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”
Proverbs 11:14

Rev. Joseph Nzeketha

Founding Pastor
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Pastor Philip Anderson

Senior Pastor