This mission will consist of three distinct areas of outreach:

Medical Team – Led by Dr. Phyllis Anderson
Christian Education Team – Led by Dr. Biggens
Abused Women & Children Team – Led by Irma Anderson
Evangelical Team – Led By Pastor Anderson

Medical and Christian Educational Team

Medical Team – Dr. Phyllis Anderson

Responsibilities will entail the following:

Work closely with local doctors and nurses to perform a check up on all individuals that come.

Provide Vaccinations for diseases as well as over the counter medication.

Advise individuals on day to day techniques that can help prevent acquisition of various diseases.

HIV prevention advisement

Christian Education Team –  Dr. Biggens

Provide biblical education to everyone who attends.

Offer resources such as pencils, pens, and,  notebooks.

Develop teachers who will continue to nurture the individuals by cultivating the seed which was planted.

Evangelical & Abused Women and Children Team

Evangelical Team – Pastor Philip Anderson

Our biggest mission on earth is to win souls for the Kingdom and during this mission it will be our utmost endeavor . We will do so by:

Offering bibles to individuals

Teaching various lessons catering both to those new and seasoned in faith

Spend time in Worship and Prayer with the people of Kenya

Abused Women & Children – Irma Anderson

Help survivors of abuse express and process difficult emotions by alleviating unhealthy: anxiety, anger, any feelings of dissociation, mood issues, PTSD, Shame and self destructive behaviors.

Pray with all victims of this traumatic experience.

Offer individual and group therapy for those who have been afflicted.